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PR and Thought Leadership can be powerful tools to elevate your brand and messaging. By establishing yourself or your business as a credible authority in your industry through media coverage and valuable insights, you can increase brand visibility, stand out from competitors, generate aligned audiences and leads, while boosting your digital and notable presence. 

In our opinion, PR and Thought Leadership (or Voice Activation) is the innovation behind business expansion as it’s one of the most conscious and transformative integrations behind growth and visibility. From the traditional marketing sense, it’s what started it all! PR and Thought Leadership is how you activate the past, present, and future to create real growth and change within your business ecosystem.

Although there are plenty of opportunities for coverage these days, our strategies and specialties focus on the following:
Editorial Coverage, Audio + Video Interviews, Speaking Engagements + Bookings, Expert Commentary + Statement/Quote Placements, Contributing Articles + Subject-Matter Profiles, + Media Partnerships.
You can learn more about these verticals here.

Learning a high-tier, effective PR strategy and activation comes with an investment, however, our offers are curated to meet our clients specific needs.  Therefore, you do not need to be making a certain amount of revenue to be “ready” for PR, however, there are options out there that are more premium than others. Our Offer Suite is priced to honor both our knowledge and expertise, while meeting you where you currently are in the process. Our main goal through each of our offers is for you to walk away with a plan and strategy you can begin implementing right away, and continue to nurture through every phase of your PR and Thought Leadership journey. So, take this as a reminder that through each investment, you will have assets and resources to continue to reflect back on to support you when needed.

When it comes to working with TCP and our offers, it's important to set the expectation that the results and ROI may not be immediate. PR and Thought Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint. Building a strong reputation, establishing thought leadership recognition, and gaining the right media coverage takes time and consistent effort. 

That being said, working with TCP can provide a range of benefits and potential results. These can include an overall deeper understanding of brand recognition and awareness, improved reputation and credibility knowledge, strategies on enhancing your thought leadership within your industry, assets to utilize for media coverage, and the confidence in representing your own brand. The specific results and ROI you can expect will depend on your unique goals, industry, and the strategies and tactics we explore. 

It's important to have realistic expectations and to work closely with TCP to establish clear goals and metrics for success. Regular communication and collaboration will help ensure that your investment in PR and thought leadership is working towards achieving measurable results and a positive ROI over time.

This is a great question! You can learn more about how to determine if you are ready for PR by downloading our PR + Thought Leadership Checklist. Our Discovery Calls are also a great way to connect personally so we can assess if you are ready to get started and when!

To book a Discovery Call, follow this link or book a time on Page 7 of this guide.
To download our PR + Thought Leadership Checklist, follow this link.