As trailblazers in the PR and Media Relations space, we are dedicated to bringing light to the smoke and mirror commonly found in the PR and thought leadership space. Through education, a tailored strategy, and a well-rounded approach to authentic storytelling, our team guides our clients through a deeper understanding of current trends, cycles in the media, the differences between paid and earned media, and what opportunities are more in alignment than others. We bring a deep level of consciousness to our work which speaks to how we communicate on behalf of our clients, partners, affiliates, and our brand.

Our clients are teams of courageous people who have embraced change, adversity, and new beginnings through stages of rebirth in their lives, both personally and organizationally. Our clients’ experiences invite them to look at the world holistically and to find opportunities for alchemy through experiences that may seem mundane. Being able to see these areas of growth and expansion is a gift, even at the organizational level, as there is so much we can learn from others and their experiences while applying them to our own lives. Sharing relevant experiences through storytelling in the media provides a space for aligned transformations and shifts for those who may be feeling stuck and stagnant, which creates a positive ripple effect on the masses.

I'm Ashley Graham

A multi-passionate woman who is advocating for a more conscious human experience...

About the founder

Our thoughts and ideas inspire action — The most notable leaders and organizations have transformed ideas into global initiatives that have impacted the lives of millions. The Conscious Publicist as a brand and organization is passionate about advocating for a more conscious human experience through our mission, our strategy, and our clients' passion to inspire conscious change in the lives of others. Just like the Law of Attraction, opportunities flow where awareness goes. Therefore, we are dedicated to channeling our time, energy, and resources on the avenues that matter most, such as the story, the transformation it offers, and how that relates to the audience.

We are TCP and we transform our client's stories through imaginative storytelling, aligned media and community engagement, and a drive to cultivate conscious awareness. We believe that every individual and organization has a story and it is our mission to create a more holistic and heart-centered approach to bring those stories to life. TCP sits at the intersection of PR, media relations, editorial, leadership activation, and conscious business strategies. Our goal is to assist our clients in reaching their true potential and impact through personalized partnerships, community (and people) relations, and long-term media success.

We honor the power of the voices we connect with, whether through spoken or written word and strive to grow our business and platform through the integrity and truth of the stories we create, implement, and publish. We bring our skills and expertise to our clients so that they attract the media recognition they deserve, but we strive to be so much more. Our goal is to become a space for curiosity and self-mastery to enhance the daily lives of others through a more vibrant, holistic way to transform your digital and media blueprint. Along with our concierge of services and offerings, we strive to create a platform dedicated to guiding our audiences through the human experience, to awaken endless possibilities that are created through a conscious media space.

We strive to be a concierge brand dedicated to sharing 5-D voices, modalities, stories, and transformations that awaken a more conscious, enlightened you. We are a community of change-makers that have mastered the ability to turn inward, knowing that the external journey of change is only created by going within. Therefore, we are focused on higher frequency media activations that break the cycles of old paradigms to open portals to new relationships, experiences, thoughts, aligned choices, and decisions that reprogram our way of living to attract new possibilities of growth and expansion in our lives.

We are the sovereigns of thought creation and voice activation, tellers of stories, believers in divine connection, and portals to new opportunities and connections.

About the Company