The right media coverage can position you as a recognized and reputable voice in your space, elevating your credibility to the next level. If you are ready to increase your visibility and attract influential and impactful media opportunities that grow your influence and expertise, then this program is for you.

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Our goal within this program is to develop a strategic and long-term media strategy for your media blueprint, nurtured by our expertise each step of the way. Supported in this container is the implementation of your ongoing media relations support, including the creation of your ideal media and thought leadership topics and angles, pitch writing and copywriting, media outreach, strategic media outlet identification, and targeting, and measurement of successes through our efforts.

Our strategic process is to identify your ideal audience profile to discover how they interact, engage, and share relevant media. Editors, writers, and media outlets play a vital role in supporting your voice and methodologies, especially from the audience’s perspective. As influence and credibility are contextual, our focus is to find the aligned voices who curate and circulate media that impacts and elevates the story through conscious perception. The success of your authority analysis is impacted by the approach we take in developing your media imprint.

Our Transformation PRocess is to bridge the connection between you and your earned media placements, and how it will attract your ideal clients and/or audiences overtime. You can learn more about this process below.













We have been a speaker at 3 events before we decided to start our podcast!


We've traveled to all the continents and the north still holds our hearts.


Our pup Murphy is liiiiiife! He may even make an appearance on the pod!


Fun Details

In our Transformation phase, we are able to reflect on the activation of our efforts.



In our Implementation phase, we integrate ongoing media relations support. This includes implementation through media pitching, outreach, relations, media and referral introductions, interview bookings, etc.


In our Creation phase, we curate the prescriptive stories, ideas, and thoughts into our clients’ media proposition through angles, pitches, articles, releases, and additional assets/content that may be needed.


In our Ideation phase, our goal is to develop and convey prescriptive stories, ideas, and thoughts that can be crafted into our client’s signature message and media expertise.

Our Transformation PRocess

cultivated on conscious creation

Our goal is to create and stimulate a free-thinking, collaborative environment where our team and the client can expand on ideas and a wealth of story avenues to explore. The Ideation phase is one of the most influential phases as its the start of forming ideas, concepts, and conversations as a way to impact and lead, turning them into messages and stories that will attract public recognition.


Our Transformation PRocess Cont.

cultivated on conscious creation

During this phase, we take the necessary steps to bring the ideas into existence that hold merit for our media initiatives. We not only speak to the clients' methodologies through the creation of the assets but also about how these methodologies are going to impact and/or resonate with the ideal audiences that may be attracted to the content and/or message.


During this phase, we also curate strategy media lists that are based on our clients' ideal media targets, both local and/or national, as well as consistently seek new outlets that may be directly aligned with our clients and their media propositions. Through media targeting platforms such as MuckRack, Qwoted, OnePitch, among a number of others, our team is active in seeking new media introductions to be made on behalf of our clients.

In our Implementation phase, we integrate ongoing media relations support. This includes implementation through media pitching, outreach, relations, media and referral introductions, interview bookings, etc.


Our clients are people who are looking for a genuine and relationship-centered approach to their PR and media, therefore, we guide the strategy to secure the RIGHT placements that are meaningful to empower their brand long-term. Therefore, we trace and measure the success of the transformation process through placements, introductions, responses, mentions, and/or coverage. Each placement provides us with not only the earned media opportunity, but also awareness, notoriety, proof-of-concept/story, visibility, and reach to our clients and their methodologies. Through the Transformation process, our clients are able to reclaim their subject-matter expertise and credibility based on the digital blueprint we have paved for them, which aids in the attraction of future opportunities.


Speaking Engagements + Bookings

Our initiatives attract opportunities for you to be on virtual and in-person stages, positioning you directly in-front of your ideal client and/or audience.

Audio + Video Interviews

Our focus is to get your voice heard through mediums that tell your story and message such as podcasts, tv + broadcast interviews, video features, etc.

Editorial Coverage

Our media-worthy pitches entice editorial opportunities published through magazines, journals, newspapers, and other reputable sources.

Get recognized through verticals such as...

Our Signature Media Imprints

Media Partnerships

Our relationships go beyond the placements! Our process is to utilize all PR + Media Relations to secure and attract long-term media partnerships + campaigns.

Contributing Articles + Subject-Matter Profiles

Our approach to thought leadership maximizes on media opportunities such as bylined articles and pieces that positions you directly in the spotlight.

Commentary + Quote Placements

Our methodology is to maximize all avenues to share direct insight into your expertise and awareness such as direct quotes, exclusive, time-sensitive interviews, etc.

We love tech here! We attract high-level opportunities for clients through our extensive list of media tech + tools.

Media Tech

We approach all PR + Media initiative with psychology in mind.


Each process is uniquely tailored to each client and their individual PR + Media needs.

Targeted Approach

Our initiatives build stronger relationships with your current and past audiences/clients.

Community Leads

Magic is in the planning. We nurture the time and energy it takes to create effective and meaningful campaigns.


We don't think of ourselves as separate from our clients, but as a part of their team. 

Team Collaboration

Numbers hold value. Don't be surprised when we nerd out over the numbers during our calls.

Numbers + Data

Your purpose and mission are valuable, therefore, we are passionate about sharing that message with the world.

Purpose + Mission

we nurture your subject-matter expertise across the board

Our passion and attention to detail through our Done-For-You PR Program

— Sara Sheehan

"Ashley is a wonderful publicist partner for me. She is very different from her peers in the business in that she is extremely conscious about putting her clients in situations that protect and build on their established reputation as expert thought leaders. She is conscientious, thorough, strategic, and a great collaborator in writing. Engaging Ashley has helped me share even more of who I am, as well as increase my impact in my market. Additionally, I'm excited to see how Ashley grows her own business and impact over time. She's an important part of my team. Ashley has my highest recommendation to anyone considering working with a strategic publicist."

— Susan Bennett Fisher

"Ashley is a master of connection - she finds exactly the right people, creates a genuine and authentic connection and then extends the connection to us and our work. We start our relationship with the podcaster, news media or publisher already strongly in place. This is not our natural strength and we rely on the foundation for connection that Ashley builds on our behalf. In one year we have gone from unknown and unpublished to a press page full of podcasts, publications and success stories. She has great instincts for the right publications and positions us for success, efficiently, so we get maximum return for our investment. And Ashley is a total joy to work with both personally and professionally."

— Judith Martinez

“Ashley was such a pleasure to work with. Her commitment to not only understand you, but ensure the world does too, is part of what makes her incredible at what she does. It's not just what she does, but how she does it.”

— Bianca Rodas

“Our company brought on Ashley to support our PR initiatives, with the goal to support brand discovery and awareness for a new and growing business. Throughout our time together, she was able to secure quite a few pieces that helped drive traffic to our website and raise awareness of our brand and our top executives as industry leaders. She is thoughtful about her approach and extremely collaborative, working directly with me and my team to ensure the publications she was going after and the voice of the pieces reflected our brand. If you have a need for a highly collaborative and strategic PR partner, Ashley is the right person to reach out to.”

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Ashley Graham is an advocate and activator for storytelling and media integrations that raise consciousness in the media. As Founder, Publicist, Publisher, Conscious Leader, and Editor-in-Chief of The Conscious Publicist®, she is a sought-after leader in guiding radiant human beings and organizations in discovering their conscious voice within. With a firm belief that everyone has a story to tell, Ashley creates a space for her clients to affirm their desires in becoming the thought leaders and subject-matter experts they are called to be.

Advocate and Activator for PR, Media, + Storytelling

Meet the founder — Ashley Graham