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We redefine modern-day public relations, providing specialized guidance to marquee clients and organizations. As your dedicated advisory firm, we blend PR and media relations expertise with strategic thought leadership, ensuring your story and brand resonate authentically with your target audience, clientele, or partners. Elevate your presence with a partner committed to navigating the evolving landscape of authority, influence, and impact to meet the needs of contemporary visibility, communication, and rich engagement.

HUman-Centric PR for High-Growth Thought Leaders

We offer a multifaceted approach to strategic support through three tiers.

At The Conscious Publicist

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Our Consulting and Advisory programs are customized to provide tailored strategies and expert guidance to enhance your PR and thought leadership identity, ranging from VIP Experiences to one-on-one advisory programs.



Our Courses + Guides offer a wealth of knowledge for those seeking empowerment, equipping you with the skills to navigate the evolving landscape of public relations and thought leadership.

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Our Done-For-You PR Program, our PR Expansion Program, offers comprehensive support in managing and executing every facet of the PR process to ensure aligned results and impact.

Done-for-you PR

“Our company brought on Ashley to support our PR initiatives, with the goal to support brand discovery and awareness for a new and growing business. Throughout our time together, she was able to secure quite a few pieces that helped drive traffic to our website and raise awareness of our brand and our top executives as industry leaders. She is thoughtful about her approach and extremely collaborative, working directly with me and my team to ensure the publications she was going after and the voice of the pieces reflected our brand. If you have a need for a highly collaborative and strategic PR partner, Ashley is the right person to reach out to.”

— Bianca Rodas, VP of Marketing at Activate 180

“Ashley is a wonderful publicist partner for me. She is very different from her peers in the business in that she is extremely conscious about putting her clients in situations that protect and build on their established reputation as an expert thought leaders. She is conscientious, thorough, strategic, and a great collaborator in writing. Engaging Ashley has helped me share even more of who I am, as well as increase my impact in my market. Additionally, I'm excited to see how Ashley grows her own business and impact over time. I've worked with her for six months, and she's an important part of my team. Ashley has my highest recommendation to anyone considering working with a strategic publicist.”

— Sara Sheehan, Executive Coach & Consultant at Sara Sheehan Consulting

“Ashley is a master of connection - she finds exactly the right people, creates a genuine and authentic connection, and then extends the connection to us and our work. We start our relationship with the podcaster, news media, or publisher already strongly in place. This is not our natural strength, and we rely on the foundation for connection that Ashley builds on our behalf. In one year, we have gone from unknown and unpublished to a press page full of podcasts, publications, and success stories. She has great instincts for the right publications and positions us for success efficiently, so we get maximum return for our investment. And Ashley is a total joy to work with both personally and professionally.”

— Susan Bennett and Martin Fisher, Co-Founders of Body of 9

ashley graham

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Ashley Graham, Founder of The Conscious Publicist®, advocates for purpose-driven businesses and their potential to create positive change. With a deep belief in the power of storytelling, Ashley and her team are dedicated to helping clients build meaningful connections and relationships. She considers her work's "people relations" aspect to be vital in fostering a more conscious and sustainable world. By guiding clients in developing the necessary practices and strategies to align their connections with their goals, Ashley aims to shape a future where conscious living is the norm.


Empowered by our forward-thinking methodology.

Tailored to your specific PR positioning, our advisory supports strategy and execution, offering thought leadership empowerment. Our process doesn’t conform; it innovates. By working with TCP, you choose a PR and thought leadership future marked by unparalleled ideation and success.

At The Conscious Publicist, our distinctive approach transcends the ordinary – it is the epitome of strategic advisory.

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