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3 Wellness Habits To Boost Mental, Physical, and Emotional Vitality

Filed in Wellness — November 9, 2022

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Whether through mental and physical exercise or elevating our well-being through strengthening emotional health and vitality, we have the power to positively uplift our lives at any moment. The definition of vitality alone expresses having great energy and aliveness — living in a state of zest and clarity. It is through increasing vitality through mental, physical, and emotional stimulation that we can collectively transform our lives. When we nourish our mental, physical, and emotional vitality, we then have the opportunity to support the collective experiences of those around us.

So, how do we boost mental, physical, and emotional vitality in our lives? The best way to do this is through our habits. Our wellness habits have the power to transform our lives and the lives of others in connection with us if given the space to do so. Whether breaking through limiting beliefs, creative blocks, or simply better understanding our emotional states — there are endless benefits to creating better wellness habits.

In this article, we are going to share the 3 best wellness habits that can significantly boost mental, physical, and emotional vitality to keep you stimulated for expansion in your life. It’s time to meet a more vitalized YOU!


Our subconscious mind is always listening. Whether through conversations, thoughts, or sounds such as music or background noise, the subconscious has the power to alter the body and emotions based on mental stimulation alone. This is where being mindful of what you feed your subconscious mind is important. One of our most highly recommended wellness habits to nurture your subconscious mind is integrating meditation into your routine. Meditation is a mental, physical, and emotional technique that stimulates a heightened state of consciousness, guiding you into a calmer state of mind with increased clarity and a deeper sense of peace and tranquility.

Meditating is a vital tool for increasing self-awareness, gaining new perspectives on experiences, increasing creativity, and improving physical ailments such as better sleep quality and stress levels — all while reducing overall negative emotions. Meditation allows the mind to enter into a state of stillness, rewiring the neuro-pathways in the brain to focus on higher frequencies. Higher, elevated frequencies positively impact your mental and emotional states which can have long-term effects on your overall physical vitality. Similarly to a circuit board, the mind communicates with the body and vice versa meaning what you feed your mind feeds the cells in your body.

There are countless ways to meditate, however, the most powerful thing you can do is find a method that works best for you. Whether it is a guided meditation, meditative body scan, walking meditation, or simply getting into a meditative state — it doesn’t matter how you meditate. What’s most important is making a conscious effort to meditate consistently. When it comes to meditation, I love using Insight Timer as my tool. Whether you are a guided meditation activist, enjoy going through mindfulness courses and workshops, or simply like to listen to focus-activation music, Insight Timer has it all. As an avid meditator, what I love most about the app is that it tracks my meditation time, providing a platform for me to reflect on how consistent I am with my meditation practice.

Join me in meditating on Insight Timer by following along here.

Journaling + Visualization

Journaling and visualization are great ways to reset the mind (and body). When we journal or practice visualization, we clear away thoughts, emotions, and experiences that do not serve us. Journaling and visualization bring our deepest desires to the forefront of our consciousness, creating a space to manifest in reality. As for journaling, there is no right or wrong way to journal. Journaling is as simple as writing down the thoughts that are active in your mind at that moment.

As for visualization, this is the space where meditation and journaling connect. Visualization is a simple technique to create an aligned mental image of a future event or experience. This visual creates an emotional and physical sensation to the occurrences that are taking place in the visualization. By integrating visualization into wellness habits, you program the mind to feel as if it is living in the visual. For example, if you would like to feel more confident, you would visualize yourself as a more confident person. Not only would you see yourself more confident in your vision — you would feel more confident in your mental, physical, and emotional states.

If you are new to journaling and/or visualization, I highly recommend the Ponderlily Planner as a good place to start! The Ponderlily Planner is more than just a planner. This planner was designed to encourage meaningful connections with your goals, experiences, and intentions that empower you to live a meaningful life. I believe that in order to attract abundance, you must dedicate time and energy to visualize a life of expansion. This planner gives you the space to do just that.

With prompts to visualize places to visit, moments to celebrate, and causes to support, this planner inspires you to focus on what matters most. This planner also offers monthly roadmaps, check-ins, intention setting, and a dedicated space to focus on wellness habits and positive visualizations. This planner offers you the gift of mindfulness and reflection, teaching you that the in-between moments are just as powerful as the milestones we reach for. You can use it as a reminder to celebrate each day with purpose.

Walk Breaks

Physical movement and/or exercise can do wonders for mental, physical, and emotional vitality. Physical movement doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as walking around the neighborhood or even the home or office. Simple movements have several vitality benefits. These benefits include:

  • Improving and increasing energy levels
  • Elevating mood and cognitive functions
  • Maintaining balance and physical coordination
  • Reducing fatigue or stress.

Taking walks also provides a great opportunity to integrate the other habits expressed in this article. Walking meditations can be used as a habit to help you feel more grounded, balanced, and connected. There is little to no effort required for walking meditations. You’ll need the right pair of shoes, a preferred method for meditation, and participation in relaxing the mind and body. You can also take a walk without meditation. The key takeaway here is to simply get your mind and body as relaxed as possible. Thinking about mental, physical, and emotional vitality, the goal is to create a synchronistic connection between each. This allows you to discover new senses of peace and tranquility — while being an active participant in practicing better habits.

I enjoy playing a guided meditation on Insight Timer, slipping on my Kizik Vegas shoes, and walking around the complex. What I love about Kiziks is the ability to slip them on and go. I love simplicity! To elevate my experience, I like to spray FEND. FEND is an airway-cleansing mist that clears away pollution, germs, and allergens from the air that I breathe. This helps open better breathing pathways to maintain optimal physical vitality while walking. When I return, I’ll sit and journal the thoughts or ideas that came to mind in my Ponderlily Planner. I then visualize how I plan to bring them into creation.


These are just a few examples of wellness habits that boost your mental, physical, and emotional vitality. Implementing these habits into a routine will support positive shifts toward a happier, more fulfilled YOU. If you practice these habits regularly, we’d love to hear about your experiences! Share them with us in the comments below.

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