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Our Methodology – Ideation to Transformation Through PR

Filed in Business, Public Relations, The Conscious Publicist — January 24, 2023

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The popular saying goes that you must practice what you preach.

I have always been passionate about assisting my clients in discovering their unique PR proposition and how to position that message through the media.

As I was visualizing the brand for The Conscious Publicist, I kept asking myself what my unique PR proposition was and how that would impact the brand’s success. It’s often difficult for leaders to do for themselves what they do for others, but I challenged myself to go deeper into my hidden methodology and what has kept me expanding all these years.

Through this experience, our mission statement was formed…

We help Conscious Media Archetypes go from ideation to transformation through public relations, communications, and media activations.

Industry leaders, visionaries, and organizations all owe their success to a simple idea sparked by one thought that projected an entirely new path to embark on.

Then, their thoughts introduced them to a vortex of experiences they’ve encountered that influence how they show up for themselves on this path and the people they inspire. This is where their stories and messages are formed that foster rich, meaningful connections to others, whether their teams and/or audiences.

The Concept: Ideation to Transformation

Ideation is the phase in which an idea or thought takes full form to become a creation. Transformation is the result of that idea or thought as it impacts the leader or organization with validity in their mission, but there is also a transformation that happens with those they are in partnership with, whether internally or externally.

After years of practice with my prior business venture, I have finally reached an incredible intersection that brings everything I have learned and applied full circle. I have become a walking testimonial of this methodology, crafting my ideas into meaningful and impactful initiatives, which brings me to this connection with you today.

This methodology brings me to one of the most fulfilling goals I have ever set for myself, which is to use what I learn to raise the recognition and credibility of conscious voices and leaders who inspire transformation by publicly sharing stories and methodologies unique to them and their expertise.

Our Transformation PRocess: Ideation to Transformation Through PR

Our Transformation PRocess bridges the connection between our industry leaders, visionaries, and organizations, their PR proposition, and how it will attract their ideal clients and/or audiences. You can learn more about this process below.


Our Ideation phase aims to develop and convey prescriptive stories, ideas, and thoughts that can be crafted into our client’s signature message and expertise.

We aim to create and stimulate a free-thinking, collaborative environment where clients can expand on their ideas. The Ideation phase is the most influential as it forms ideas and conversations into messages and stories that will attract public recognition.


In our Creation phase, we curate the prescriptive stories, ideas, and thoughts into our clients’ media proposition. The media proposition is achieved by creating angles, pitches, articles, releases, and additional assets/content that may be needed.

We take the necessary steps to bring the ideas into existence that hold merit for our media initiatives. We speak to the clients’ methodologies through creating the assets and how these methodologies will impact their ideal audience.


In our Implementation phase, we integrate ongoing media relations support. This includes implementation through media pitching, outreach, relations, media and referral introductions, interview bookings, etc.

We also curate strategy media lists based on our clients’ ideal media targets. We also seek new media outlets that may align with our clients and their media propositions.

In our Implementation phase, we also integrate ongoing media relations support. This includes implementation through media pitching, outreach, relations, media and referral introductions, interview bookings, etc.


In our Transformation phase, we can reflect on our efforts’ activation.

Our clients seek a genuine and relationship-centered approach to their PR and media. Therefore, we guide the strategy to secure meaningful RIGHT placements to empower their brand long-term. Therefore, we trace and measure the success of the transformation process through placements, introductions, responses, mentions, and/or coverage.

Each placement provides awareness, notoriety, proof-of-concept, visibility, and reach. Through this process, our clients reclaim their subject-matter expertise and credibility based on the digital blueprint we paved for them. This aids in attracting future opportunities.

Dive into my recent interview with Go Solo for more insight into how I apply this methodology in our work!

Thank you, Subkit, for sharing our story, and a special thank you to Dreamers & Doers® for the incredible opportunity!

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