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In Dialogue with Nasdaq: The Conscious Publicist’s Impact on Conscious Living

Filed in Business, Public Relations, The Conscious Publicist — June 26, 2023

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My Journey to Conscious Entrepreneurship

I had the immense privilege of sharing my entrepreneurial journey with Nasdaq. It was an opportunity to delve into the genesis of The Conscious Publicist, the lessons I have learned, and the impact I hope to make in the world. Today, I want to distill some key insights from that conversation and extend the dialogue to this platform.

To understand where I am today, it’s essential to go back to the beginning.

The Conscious Publicist was conceived from my twin passions: conscious living and public relations. I was drawn to the incredible power of storytelling and the potential for brands to create positive global change by authentically aligning with their values.

Recognizing an opportunity to aid purpose-driven businesses, I decided to use my expertise to help them increase their visibility, foster meaningful connections, and contribute to a future where conscious living is the norm, not the exception.

TCP Promotes Conscious Communication

How is our mission at The Conscious Publicist unique? At TCP, we provide a comprehensive package that combines public relations, conscious communication guidance, and media strategy. It’s not just about “doing.” It’s about “being.” We work on the interpersonal facets, helping our clients evolve the character traits needed to succeed in their missions, providing a space where they feel seen, heard, and valued.

In this process, the lessons have been abundant. Patience and persistence have emerged as crucial elements. It’s easy to be swept away in the exhilaration of initiating a business. It’s also easy to anticipate immediate results.

However, lasting success hinges on steady daily progress and relentless effort.

Another vital lesson is seeking guidance from those who have achieved what I aspire to accomplish, not just those nearest to me. Such wisdom has been instrumental in avoiding common pitfalls to meet my goals.

The Role of Resilience and Celebrating Success

Maintaining the determination to carry on despite the challenges has often been a struggle. Entrepreneurship is an endurance race, not a sprint. Whenever I felt like giving up, the vivid image of the change I hoped to bring into the world buoyed me. My unwavering purpose, coupled with a supportive network of family, friends, and mentors, has been my beacon of resilience.

The journey of entrepreneurship has also taught me the importance of celebrating successes. It’s empowering to take a moment to relish in the wins, big and small. It fuels motivation, keeps me grounded in why I began, and strengthens the camaraderie within the team.

Reflections and Looking Forward to the Future

Since founding The Conscious Publicist, my growth as a leader has been monumental.

From overcoming personal limiting beliefs to managing complex partnerships and making difficult, conscious decisions—I have evolved. I have learned to foster a positive work environment that nurtures growth for myself and my partners.

Reflecting on my journey, if I could speak to my younger self, I would inspire her with the knowledge that embarking on a business requires inner confidence and the courage to embrace vulnerability. I would teach her to view failure as a stepping stone, a chance to refine her approach and inch closer to her aspirations.

Looking back at the Nasdaq interview, I feel a profound sense of gratitude for the platform to share my journey and impact with a larger audience.

I encourage you to read the complete interview on Nasdaq, and for more conscious living discussions, tune into my podcast, The Conscious Publicist, available on Apple and Spotify.

Together, let’s create a more conscious and sustainable world.


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