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Maximizing the Impact of Your Media Coverage

Filed in Business, Public Relations — May 4, 2023

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Securing media coverage for your business is a significant achievement, and taking advantage of the opportunities that come with it is essential. After you’ve landed the perfect media placement, the question remains: what should you do next to maximize your influence and your brand’s exposure? In this article, we’ll explore some of the top recommendations for what to do after you’ve secured media placements, for maximizing the impact of your media coverage.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Media Coverage: Essential Steps to Follow After Securing a Placement

Celebrate Your Media Win

Landing quality media coverage is a long-term process that requires a strategic approach. When you secure the perfect media placement, it’s important to celebrate the milestone and acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and commitment that went into making it happen. Celebrating your media win, no matter how big or small, is essential to creating positive momentum and setting the foundation for future success.

Say Thank You & Create Space for Future Opportunities

Showing gratitude and building relationships are crucial aspects of successful media outreach. When you secure media coverage, express your appreciation to the writer, editor, or media outlet that helped make it happen. Building a strategic relationship with your media contacts can create future collaborations and placement opportunities. Remember to treat your media contacts like your clients and other business relationships.

Share through Your Marketing Channels

Once you’ve secured media coverage, amplify your exposure by sharing it through your marketing channels. Share your media placement through social media platforms, e-newsletters, blogs, and other marketing channels. When you tag the media outlet or add a link to your e-newsletter, it increases the visibility of the placement. It also shows support and gratitude to the outlet that curated it. Cross-collaboration can increase click-through rates and social media shares while building credibility and authority around your brand.

Log Your Secured Media

Creating an organizational system to track and log your media mentions and placements is recommended for your long-term media strategy. Consider using a Google Spreadsheet to log your media links and mentions, and save a PDF copy for your portfolio. Tracking your media placements can help you analyze the effectiveness of your media outreach and identify patterns and opportunities for improvement.

Add to Your Media Kit

Adding your media placements to your media kit can help showcase your brand’s credibility and authority. You can include the title and outlet of the mention with a hyperlink or add the outlets’ logo to your media kit ‘Press’ or ‘Media’ section. Make sure to find a way that works best for the design of your media kit, and create space to provide more information on those placements if someone requests it.

Securing media coverage for your business is a significant accomplishment, and leveraging it to its fullest potential can help you build your brand’s influence and exposure. By celebrating your media win, showing gratitude, sharing through your marketing channels, logging your secured media, and adding it to your media kit, you can make the most of your media placements and create long-term success for your business.

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