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Building Holistic and Conscious Media Relationships

Filed in Podcast — January 19, 2024

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Welcome to another exciting episode of The Conscious Publicist® Podcast! Today, we’re shifting gears from our usual discussions to delve into a topic close to my heart—building holistic and conscious media relationships. Why is this important? Well, relationships are the cornerstone of any creative endeavor and business venture.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Outlier Festival in Salt Lake City, where I hosted a session on cultivating meaningful connections with media contacts and podcast hosts. This episode is inspired by that session, focusing on key strategies to lead with connection in the media space.

Building Holistic and Conscious Media Relationships

1. Get to Know Your Contacts:

  • Identify Passions and Interests: Imagine receiving an email that not only introduces someone new but also highlights a shared interest or passion. It’s impressive and creates an immediate connection. Taking the time to understand your contact’s interests can open doors for meaningful conversations.

  • Observe Their Presentation: Consider how your contacts present themselves and engage with others. Understanding their communication style and how others respond to them provides valuable insights. It’s the foundation for establishing genuine connections.

2. Ensure Alignment:

  • Common Passions and Values: Look for alignments in passions and values. Building relationships based on shared insights, experiences, and values fosters a deeper connection. Leading with your genuine self makes outreach easier.

  • Evaluate Presentation: Assess if your contact’s presentation aligns with your values and principles. Mutual alignment is key in media relationships, creating a solid foundation for collaboration.

  • Two-Way Mutual Alignment: Remember, media relationships are a two-way street. Balancing the give-and-take ensures a meaningful and impactful conversation that benefits both parties.

3. Lead with Connection:

  • Find Relatability: Establish a connection by finding relatability and common ground. It sets the stage for a genuine and authentic interaction.

  • Build Trust: Focus on building trust for a lasting impression. Trust is the key to any relationship, and it forms the basis for impactful media conversations.

  • Transcend Transactional Interactions: Make genuine connections that go beyond transactional expectations. Leading with authenticity and no expectations often leads to unexpected opportunities.

4. Make a Lasting Impression:

  • Provide What They’re Looking For: Surprise your contacts by providing what they might be looking for before they ask. Anticipating their needs showcases your proactive approach.

  • Demonstrate Research: Show that you’ve researched and engaged with their work. Tailoring your approach based on your understanding of their projects and interests sets you apart.

Personal Stories:

  • Leading with Connections: Many podcast opportunities came my way because I lead with connections. By attending events, building referral partnerships, and connecting with others in the media space, invitations to share my expertise on various platforms followed.

  • No Expectations, Just Connections: Leading with no expectations in relationships often brings unexpected opportunities. Believe in your story, put yourself out there intentionally, and let the universe align opportunities with your purpose.

  • Making a Lasting Impression: Sharing a personal experience of being highlighted in Fast Company, I emphasized the importance of surprising contacts with unexpected perspectives and demonstrating a deep understanding of their work.

For a visual representation of these points, head over to The Conscious Publicist®. Remember, building conscious media relationships is not about quick wins but creating a foundation for long-term collaboration. Lead with connection, foster meaningful relationships, and watch your impact grow!

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