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Mentorship Magic: Guiding the Next Generation in PR

Filed in Podcast — January 29, 2024

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I am excited to share the latest episode of The Conscious Publicist® Podcast. In this episode, we will explore the importance of mentorship in PR and communications. This conversation and experience reflects my recent speaking engagements, notably at the Vanguard University of Southern California. Tune in to listen to the stories and insights I shared with the students on excelling in public relations, media, and communications.

2024 has been nothing short of amazing, and my primary focus is amplifying my voice in various public spaces. The podcast is a central focus, but the calling to share my insights, methodologies, and wealth of knowledge with a broader audience has led me to speaking engagements, mentorship opportunities, and events.

In this episode, I’ll take you through a transformative conversation I had with students at Vanguard University of Southern California‘s media hub, where I shared my experiences and thoughts on public relations and addressed some thought-provoking questions from the students.

Episode Highlights:

1. The Power of Curiosity:

I’ve always been connected to inquiring minds, and my recent engagement with students at Vanguard was a testament to that. Students’ heightened curiosity aligns with my characteristics, making it a fulfilling experience to guide them through their transformative journeys.

2. Mastering the Art of Public Relations:

The workshop focused on my journey, emphasizing the intersection of thought leadership and PR. I explored how PR is the central hub connecting various marketing facets, creating a spider web effect. This interactive session sparked questions about other media forms within the PR umbrella, such as podcasting and social media.

3. Navigating Negative Media:

A student raised an intriguing question about handling negative media in the age of remixes and potential misinterpretation on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. I delved into the importance of self-mastery, emotional resilience, and the role of curiosity in managing such situations.

4. Finding the Right Career Path:

Reflecting on my post-graduation experience, I discussed the importance of need versus want when choosing your first job. Regardless of alignment with your degree, each opportunity provides valuable insights into what you like and dislike, shaping your career path.

5. Networking and Mentoring:

The episode closes with insights on networking and connecting with mentors or leaders in your desired field. I emphasized the power of courage and curiosity in reaching out to potential mentors and leaders, highlighting the reciprocal nature of mentorship.

Closing Thoughts:

I’m extending an invitation for collaboration and mentorship with organizations, teams, or communities seeking a strategic mentor or speaker on PR, communications, and conscious thinking. Mentorship is my passion, and I envision a future role as an adjunct professor, shaping the next generation’s minds. If you know of organizations or communities seeking a strategic mentor or speaker, let’s connect! I’m passionate about mentorship, and this recent experience has ignited a vision of becoming an adjunct professor, shaping the minds of our youth.

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