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How to Use a Pendulum to Connect With Your Highest Self

Filed in Spiritual — October 11, 2022

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Are you ready to welcome a pendulum into your spiritual practices? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place! In this article, I will guide you through how to use a pendulum to connect with your highest self, while also discovering ways that you can apply this practice to your everyday life.

Pendulums As A Spiritual Practice

Imagine carrying a pendant with you that would connect you to your highest self. This pendant connects you to the abundance, source connection, and divine power you hold within — the power that connects you to energies of expansion and transcendence. This wisdom, at any time, could guide you along your path to self-discovery and self-exploration. Would you open yourself to experiencing the wisdom this pendant offers you?

The human experience is a sensational ride. The quality of our experiences expands as we use our inner guidance to discover the unique gifts we hold within. As divine beings, we hold the power within to guide ourselves through our inner and outer experiences through years of wisdom in our auric field, including our ancestral lineage and sources that are beyond us.

The auric field around us is 5-D, meaning energies are vibrating around us every moment at expansive rates. Our thoughts, intentions, and physical, mental, and emotional frequencies tap into this 5-D world. Memories of past and future selves, abilities, experiences, integrations, and resources collected along the way, can all be found here. However, we often undermine that wisdom by seeking external validation from sources that aren’t connected to our divine truth. Over 20+ years of deep self-discovery, I’ve learned tips, tricks, and modalities that have changed the course of my life significantly.

One of these modalities is using a pendulum for guidance, clarity, and insight into the innate wisdom I have within. This wisdom is connected directly to my highest self. A pendulum is a crystal or pendant that is suspended from a chain or string. Pendulums are divination tools that are known for tapping into inner wisdom and intuition through energetic movements and responses. By holding the pendulum, the pendant will move in either vertical, horizontal, or circular movements, with each movement representing its unique response.

Dowsing or using a pendulum allows us to tap into the 5-D channel to bring forth answers to the everyday questions we may have. Using a pendulum is direct access to channeling your thoughts from the mind to the deep, inner knowing and intuition in your body. It creates a beautiful relationship and connection to your highest self if used consciously.

Programming Your Pendulum

When you receive your pendulum, the first thing you’ll want to do is program it. Programming your pendulum is key to establishing cues for “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” responses to your questions. This is how your pendulum communicates with and through you. It responds best when held with your most dominant hand, and held between your thumb and index finger. When programming, sit in an upright position with your back against a seat, legs uncrossed, and feet planted firmly on the floor. 

Next, place the left or right palm that is not holding the pendulum slightly under the pendant without touching the pendulum. Personally, I can feel an invisible connection between the movement of the pendulum swinging through my palm which strengthens my connection to my session. Next, you’ll want to get used to connecting to the pendulum by communicating with it. You can do this by speaking out loud or within, channeling or focusing your energy/intention towards it. 

You can establish the response cues by asking it to show you a “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” to signify the correct response to your questions. A “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” could move either front-to-back, side-to-side, clockwise, or counterclockwise. While programming, start by asking your pendulum questions you know the answer to, to gauge its accuracy.

If it responds incorrectly, you may need to re-program the pendulum until it demonstrates the correct movement to your questions. Once it responds correctly to the questions you know the answers to, you can move forward with your session.

Best Practices for Dowsing with Your Pendulum

Reading or channeling guidance through a pendulum is often referred to as “dowsing”. As with any tool, it’s key to integrate certain practices to get the best result. Here are my recommendations for practices to get the best answers to the guidance you are seeking.

Cleanse Your Auric Field Before Dowsing

Before starting the dowsing session with your pendulum, you’ll want to cleanse your energy and the energy of the pendulum. Personally, I prefer to use the smoke from burning white sage or palo santo to cleanse my energy as well as the pendulum. However, you can use other elements such as cleansing the pendulum with cool running water or soaking it in salt water.

Whatever modality you use to reset your energy will work just fine for cleansing your pendulum. It’s all about your connection to yourself and what works best for you.

Set Your Intention

There is power in intentionality. Set an intention for each dowsing session with your pendulum through a channeled mantra and/or message. You can either visualize this message and express it internally through meditation, or you can speak the mantra out loud. As you are dowsing to receive guidance on collective energies, set the intention for your sessions to reflect wisdom and clarity for the highest good of all. Your intention for your sessions should be unique to you and your experience, however, here is an example of a mantra I have used in my personal dowsing sessions.

“We all deserve love and guidance in this collective human experience. I call upon my highest self, divine energies, ancestors, and angels that surround me, to provide the guidance I need at this moment. I seek only truthful, conscious wisdom that is aligned with the highest and greatest good for all in divine partnership with me.”

It’s important to create healing energy for both yourself and others you may be seeking clarity from. When we call for clarity around collective energies in our lives, we are also calling for clarity for the collective and the experiences they have while in an energetic partnership with us. It’s beneficial to set the intention around the benefits that the collective receives energetically, through the guidance you are receiving personally within your experience.

Moving our energy and emotions from the ego mind to our soulful self is one of the best reasons to use a pendulum in spiritual practices. The soulful self seeks to heal all involved in the collective energy, whereas the ego mind seeks answers for its own benefit.

As for the end of each dowsing session, dedicate a moment of gratitude for the guidance and clarity you receive. You should always value the relationship you are building with your pendulum during each session. Sit in a moment of stillness while holding the pendulum in your hands to channel grateful energy towards it. I thank my pendulum for its devotion to supporting me along my journey to live the most fulfilling, joyful, and abundant life I can imagine. Your pendulum can become your greatest asset if you nurture and value its presence. Honor it with the same care you would show a loved one and yourself.

Questions to Ask Your Pendulum

The clarity in your questions is essential to receiving the best answers. A good practice for understanding how to communicate with your pendulum is to visualize a conversation that stands out to you. This could be a conversation with a loved one or a podcast conversation with someone you admire. Traditionally, in all forms of communication, you have one person asking a question, and the other responding. The same goes for your conversation with your pendulum. You are the host, and the pendulum is your guest speaker.

The key is to be clear, concise, and energetically dialed into each question you ask. For inspiration and guidance before a dowsing session, take time throughout the day to better understand the conscious voice and inner dialogue you create with yourself. Oftentimes, if our inner dialogue is strong, we naturally channel a conversation within our thoughts.

If you find writing helpful, write down the questions that come to mind and use those as a guide. If you are in the beginning stages and need questions to get started, you can use the questions below for inspiration.

Career-Related Questions:

  • Am I on the right path in my career and/or business?
  • Is it in the best interest of my highest self to pursue this career endeavor?
  • If I turn my hobby into a career, will it be a prosperous experience?

Love and Relationship Questions:

  • Does my current relationship and/or partner serve my highest purpose?
  • Am I setting the right boundaries with my current partner?
  • Are my current partner and I destined to serve a higher purpose together?
  • Will my current partner and I live a prosperous life together?

Timeline-Related Questions:

  • Is now a good time to move forward with this partnership and/or experience?
  • In the current timeline, should I take a leap of faith to pursue this opportunity?
  • Will this decision serve my highest self in attracting my desires in this timeline?

Understanding Self Questions:

  • Am I setting the appropriate boundaries with myself and others for my highest good?
  • Is it in the best interest of my highest self to take a break and rest?
  • Will honoring my highest self and my voice lead to greater influence and purpose for the collective?
  • Am I currently setting the best intentions to attract my desires and achievements?

Note: Use these questions as a guide but be thorough in asking for clarity in your specific experiences and opportunities.

Ask Your Questions & Connect with the Movements

When you are ready to ask your question, make sure the pendulum is still. Clear your mind, focus your energy on the clarity of your question, then ask. The pendulum will then move in response to your question. If you are asking more than one question during your session, make sure you stop the pendulum in its swing. Ensure it comes to a full stop after each question before asking the next. This will ensure there is no transfer of energies between each question to get an accurate response.

This is where your intuition comes in handy so feel into it as much as possible. If you receive a response to a question and it doesn’t feel clear or instinctively true, try reframing the question. Then, ask again. When you feel full alignment with an answer, this is a sign that the guidance is connected to your highest self. This is where it gets exciting!

Journal The Answers/Responses

We all have a conscious voice within, which is our inner dialogue around our personal experiences. My conscious voice is inspired and quite chatty after each dowsing session. Therefore, I always have a journal or notebook nearby to reflect on my answers. Depending on your preference, you can write your questions before each session, or write them out during reflection. You can also record yourself expressing the answers you received if you prefer transcribing through verbal communication versus non-verbal. Find a flow or modality that works best for you to reflect back on the answers you receive.

Then, apply that knowledge and wisdom to your experiences to elevate your connection to your highest self between each session. Reflect back on your answers as frequently as needed, so you can keep the guidance active in your 5-D experiences.

Connect to Your Highest Self Frequently

As with any spiritual practice, consistency is key! The more you use your pendulum, the more connection and clarity you will receive. Set a dedicated time for dowsing with your pendulum or use the pendulum when you feel called to do so. Tapping into your highest self and channeling your inner wisdom flows through your ability to pause and sit in stillness with your own energy.

Personally, I use my pendulum to connect to my highest self in all areas of my life including business, relationships, significant life decisions, connecting with past selves, and so much more. My best advice to you is to connect to your highest self frequently as it’s waiting to guide you.

Are you ready to listen?

Our Communities Experiences Using Pendulums

At The Conscious Publicist, we value the voices in our community and what they have to share. Therefore, we asked fellow spiritual leaders to share their experience using a pendulum, questions they ask for guidance, and unique breakthroughs they have encountered while dowsing with their pendulum. Read what they have to share below!

Aycee Brown

Spiritual Guide and Psychic Channel

Tell me about your personal experience using a pendulum.

“I was first introduced to using a pendulum from one of my mentors when I started doing psychic readings professionally. I’m clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairaudient so at the beginning of my development, I would have trouble distinguishing what was mine and what was my guides. So, a mentor suggested a pendulum and I’ve incorporated them in my work ever since.”

What are the common questions you ask your pendulum to give you the most aligned, divine guidance along your path?

“It’s really important to know it’s not what you ask your pendulum, but how you ask your question. You want to ask your pendulum yes or no questions that are clear, so nothing that would need an explanation or depth. An example would be, “Am I correct to believe that Chuck loves me? Or Is it in my best interest to pursue a relationship with Chuck?” As you can see, these questions position the pendulum to answer with what’s in my highest good.”

Have you discovered any unique breakthroughs or significant expansion by using a pendulum versus other spiritual modalities?

“For me, my pendulum helps me gain clarity about things I already know but gives me assurance if my ego is in the way. My pendulum is neutral and it’s important to come to your pendulum without emotions for the best answer.”

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

A.P., DOM, Chinese and Integrative Medicine, and Advanced Crystal Master

Tell me about your personal experience using a pendulum.

“I have used pendulums for years to help balance a chakra in myself, family, friends, pets, and patients, and to help with a question I am contemplating. Chakras or wheels are the energy centers in our body that spin a particular way. They correspond to acupuncture points on the body. Sometimes a patient will ask me to balance their chakras by spinning a pendulum and with acupuncture needles in the appropriate chakra/acupoint.

Most chakras go clockwise but there are a few individuals whose chakras will spin counterclockwise. This is okay as it’s hair color or right or left-handed. When I personally use a pendulum, it is to validate how I am feeling or perhaps if I have to dig deeper. I am not reliant on a pendulum but use them as a tool.”

What are the common questions you ask your pendulum to give you the most aligned, divine guidance along your path?

“First you must determine what is your “yes” and your “no”. Ask the pendulum what is yes. You will either get a circular movement or a back-and-forth movement. Then ask what is no. It should be different. Then, start asking questions like my name is Elizabeth, then another name that is a no to confirm your yes movement and your no movement. This can vary so don’t assume yes is one way and no is another.

A pendulum works by using your personal energy to entrain with the pendulum. Then go on to ask some other obvious yes or no questions like “I am a fish” or other definite yes/no questions. This will help for the moment in your yes and no. 

Ask pendulum questions that you have begun to seek the answer to. Be open, be relaxed, and don’t get upset if it isn’t the answer you want. You can always go back the next day, establish your yes and no movement and try again. Understand you are working with energy so if you are anxious or mad it can throw the pendulum off.  If the pendulum just sits there and quivers, go back a few hours later and try again.”

Have you discovered any unique breakthroughs or significant expansion by using a pendulum versus other spiritual modalities?

“I’ve used pendulums mostly in healing to help determine what energy center is off with a patient. I did use one when I bought my building Helia House and it helped my husband and I feel good about our asking price and if we were sure about buying it. I would say that was the biggest pendulum question to date!!!”

Inbaal Honigman

Celebrity Psychic

Tell me about your personal experience using a pendulum.

“Well, before I ever picked up an actual pendulum, and even before I was involved in the spiritual world, a school friend back in Israel showed me how to pick a hair from my head, thread a ring on it, and ask it questions. Spinning meant no, and side to side meant yes. The same thing happened when I lived in Greece – hair, ring… this time over a pregnant tummy. Spinning for a boy, side to side for a girl.

I was in a lovely new-age shop in London, aged 21, when, for the first time, I was drawn to a pendulum I loved. A multi-faceted amethyst on a silver chain – I thought it was a piece of jewelry! When the shopkeeper showed me how to use it, I was delighted – I could keep all my hair attached to my head, and still find out the answers to my questions.”

What are the common questions you ask your pendulum to give you the most aligned, divine guidance along your path?

“As a reader, and actually like a person, I’m a real fan of yes/no questions. Should I stay at my job? Does my partner love me? Is it time to move countries? A lot of information can be found by crafting a simple, effective question with only two options as the answers. I’ve made it my life’s work to create full Tarot readings utilizing yes/no questions, but with the pendulum, it is so much easier – there is literally just a yes, and a no.

Computer and science geeks will relate if I tell them that I love a binary way of thinking!

Checking whether a pregnant client is going to have a boy or a girl is still a popular question, and then the ‘stay or leave’ query is always a crowd pleaser – whether applied to a career question, a relationship, or a house, it encapsulates some big decision-making potential.

Those questions might not be deeply spiritual, but I have been a professional reader for over 22 years and I can tell you – that practical questions are where it’s at for the average client.”

Have you discovered any unique breakthroughs or significant expansion by using a pendulum versus other spiritual modalities?

“Over the years I have found that the client fan base for the pendulum’s services is very limited. It is wrongly viewed as a restricted tool, only able to give very basic answers to very simple questions. And I disagree. I believe that the pendulum gives us so much more than a yes and a no. If it starts to respond very slowly, this slowness means the answer is somewhat uncertain.

If it gets to work straight away, it’s telling us that the answer is very clear! Sometimes it will give us a quick no, and then a lengthy yes… and sometimes it goes all over the place – all those random movements are meaningful and revealing. The pendulum has a lot to say for itself, and I’m absolutely here for it.”

Epiphany James

Quantum Human Design Practitioner

Tell me about your personal experience using a pendulum.

“My personal experience with using a pendulum is that it’s a bit like starting a new relationship. When I first got my moonstone pendulum there was first the “bonding” phase of getting to know her energy and what her variations on “yes” “no” and “ask another question” looked like. After that, it developed into what I’d call the boundaries phase of a relationship. Inevitably, after the newness and excitement of wanting to use your pendulum every single day for every single decision wears off – you begin to learn the value of alone time and trusting your own inner voice as well. 

Pendulums are a helpful tool but like any tool, they are not designed to be worshiped or stationed above our own inner Infinite Self. I’m so grateful for both of the pendulums I now own and for the nuanced layers of awareness that they each bring to my soulful-self journey.”

What are the common questions you ask your pendulum to give you the most aligned, divine guidance along your path?

“I most commonly use my pendulum in the morning to clarify my task order for the day. I write down the top 5 items I would like to accomplish and use my pendulum to order them in a way that feels energetically aligned. I’ll also ask my pendulum for clarity when it comes to my Tarot cards.

For instance, if I get the 10 of Swords I might ask if it is signifying a more predictive incident that I should be on the lookout for, or if it is signifying a past betrayal that I’m being called to bring further awareness and healing to. This helps me feel more connected to the messages I’m receiving and more empowered in how I approach the day and various situations as they unfold.”

Have you discovered any unique breakthroughs or significant expansion by using a pendulum versus other spiritual modalities?

“Working with my pendulums has created very unique breakthroughs for me. Not only do they support my work with other modalities such as Tarot, but they also help me focus on my own wisdom within. The pendulum is a way to connect with our Highest Self which, for me, also creates a practice of presence, patience, and the power of perspective. When I use my pendulum from that place, it truly becomes an expansive medium for feeling connected to my own Divine.”

We hope this article has been helpful for you to start integrating a pendulum into your spiritual and leadership practices! We’d love to hear from you. If you have integrated using a pendulum into your spiritual practices, share with us your experiences below!

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